RK Fresh Garden

Tasty, locally-grown vegetables and herbs.

Lath House Gardens Microgreens

Delicious and nutritious microgreens with macro flavor. Beautify your plate and jazz up your diet with these locally-grown greens!

Brodino Broth Co.

All-natural, organic bone broth infused with healing herbs.

Beiseker’s Family Foods

Gluten-free baked goodies, in both sweet & savory varieties, plus vegan snack & bread options.

Seven Seas Roasting Co.

Drink well & do good. Purchase a bag of locally-roasted Seven Seas coffee and support local charities, too. Light and dark roasts abound, so whether you prefer drip, press, or pour over, there’s something for everyone!

The Porridge Company

Delicious porridge with no added sugar. Feel good and do good, as you support social welfare programs with your purchase.

Cupcakes Squared

Get squared away with “Square Meals” from Cupcakes Squared. Vegetarian ‘shepherdess pie,’ quiche, veggie loaf and more. Plus, grab a cookie or signature square cupcake to ’round’ out the meal!

Just Pops

Savor these ‘farm-to-stick’ treats as you stroll through the market, or take home a bundle to enjoy for later. Made with farm fresh ingredients, Just Pops are a wholesome treat to be enjoyed year-round. Check out their pet-friendly flavors, too!

DaLuca Straps

Handcrafted leather goods ranging from watch straps, belts, wallets, and accessories.

Nut Crumbs

Flavorful gluten-free nut crumbs. Enjoy these bread crumb alternatives in your favorite preparation!