Just Pops

Savor these ‘farm-to-stick’ treats as you stroll through the market, or take home a bundle to enjoy for later. Made with farm fresh ingredients, Just Pops are a wholesome treat to be enjoyed year-round. Check out their pet-friendly flavors, too!

DaLuca Straps

Handcrafted leather goods ranging from watch straps, belts, wallets, and accessories.

Savage Cat Food

Increase your cat’s health and longevity by switching to Savage Cat Food®, the premier raw, prey-based diet for cats. Locally & sustainably sourced ingredients packaged in convenient serving sizes. Check out the selection of hand-crafted cat toys, too!

Kitchens for Good

Pickles, mustards, jams & jellies made by the culinary team at Kitchens for Good. KFG provides culinary job training for program participants. Support their amazing work by taking home some of their delicious condiments today!

Tom King Farms

Rare fruits and vegetables (Georgian garlic or Pakistani mulberries, anyone?) from Ramona. Dennis Stowell is the Tom(ato) King and so much more.

DaVall Date Garden

Succulent dates including Barhi, Medjool, Empress, & Honey varieties.

Kelly’s Croutons

‘Cheezy’ vegan croutons and parm shake. Crunchy, tasty goodness made from cashews!

DCollins Pottery

Ceramic dish sets, bowls, mugs, vases, ornaments, specialty pieces, art pieces & custom orders.

Smallgoods USA Cheese Specialists

Explore world-class, artisan cheese and cured meats from Smallgoods USA. Get expert pairing advice and make your next dinner party an evening to remember.