RK Fresh Garden

Tasty, locally-grown vegetables and herbs.

Lath House Gardens Microgreens

Delicious and nutritious microgreens with macro flavor. Beautify your plate and jazz up your diet with these locally-grown greens!

Seven Seas Roasting Co.

Drink well & do good. Purchase a bag of locally-roasted Seven Seas coffee and support local charities, too. Light and dark roasts abound, so whether you prefer drip, press, or pour over, there’s something for everyone!

Tom King Farms

Rare fruits and vegetables (Georgian garlic or Pakistani mulberries, anyone?) from Ramona. Dennis Stowell is the Tom(ato) King and so much more.

DaVall Date Garden

Succulent dates including Barhi, Medjool, Empress, & Honey varieties.

GoSpiral Farms

Locally-grown fresh spirulina, the world’s most nutritious food!

Jacy Farms

Delicious Kyoho Grapes, Saturn (Donut) Peaches, juicy pears, and more seasonal produce!

Fancy Treats Farm

Macadamia nuts and macadamia nut butter, as well as a selection of seasonal vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and more!

Honeymoon Ranch

Honeymoon Ranch offers an amazing variety of delicious, locally grown produce! Find seasonal squash, fresh herbs and greens, and so much more! 

Hilliker’s Ranch Fresh Eggs

Hilliker’s Ranch Fresh Eggs is proud to be a family run farm since 1942 spanning four generations.