H&B’s Guac Shac

H&B's Guac Shac broke onto the world guacamole scene in 2007, at a grass volleyball tournament in San Diego. Our grand opening featured a beach umbrella, a cardboard sign and ingredients we had chopped at home the night before. In between games, we washed up, mixed and mashed the ingredients, and paired bowls of chips and guacamole with Arnold Palmers to sell to our fellow competitors.

The storm of enthusiasm that greeted our delicious guacamole encouraged us to bring it to the greater public. We began as guerilla entrepreneurs, peddling our guac at local playgrounds across the county, the Prado in Balboa Park, and door-to-door (a sensational failure, by the way).

Seeking a more respectable means by which to bring our beloved guacamole to the masses, we approached Windmill Farms in Del Cerro in July 2008 and brokered a deal that allowed us to make the guacamole for the store under the name H&B's Guac Shac.

We continued making guacamole for Windmill Farms until it's popularity grew and encouraged us to venture onto the local farmer's market scene in July 2009. Now you can find H&B's Guac Shac guacamole at only the finest markets in the county, as well as at Windmill Farms.

The green wave of flave is on the move… Don't get caught without a chip.