Pacific Beach Organics Co.

An eco-conscious small business out of San Diego, California providing non-toxic sunscreen and body care products with 100% organic ingredients.

Within the small eclectic seaside community of Pacific Beach an idea was born to provide all natural sunscreen and body care products to every day people at an affordable price. We believe in sustainability and chemical-free body products that not only protect the skin but leave the body’s largest organ feeling healthy and hydrated. Our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it and a quick walk through the cosmetic aisle will reveal that the majority of today’s body care products are riddled with chemicals and poisons. At Pacific Beach Organics Co. we use only the finest quality organic plant and mineral based products to keep you and your family safe while still preserving reefs and other precious ecosystems. We have made it our goal to provide these high quality products at competitive prices because we believe that everyone should have access to natural body products without the hefty price tag. We know full well that similar products retail for much higher prices both on Etsy and other retail outlets. Pacific Beach Organics Co. takes a modest cut to keep our business afloat, to help reduce our carbon footprint, and to empower others to purchase non-toxic organic products. Every time you purchase an organic product you are helping drive the cost down for others as well as doing something green for our planet. Thank you for supporting small business and organics!