The Last Hot Sauce

Come taste why Chef Tong’s Thai-inspired sauce is “The Last Hot Sauce” you’ll ever need. A perfect blend of sweet and spicy, ideal for meat, fish, or vegetables.

Brodino Broth Co.

All-natural, organic bone broth infused with healing herbs.

Beiseker’s Family Foods

Gluten-free baked goodies, in both sweet & savory varieties, plus vegan snack & bread options.

Inferno Farms Hot Sauce

Don’t fear the reaper. Ok, well, maybe, actually yes fear the Carolina Reaper, one of the world’s hottest peppers. Chat with Craig, world record holder for Carolina Reaper consumption, and try his potent sauces made from locally-grown peppers. Options for more sensitive palates are still heavy on the flavor. So step right up and give Inferno Farms sauces a try!

Seven Seas Roasting Co.

Drink well & do good. Purchase a bag of locally-roasted Seven Seas coffee and support local charities, too. Light and dark roasts abound, so whether you prefer drip, press, or pour over, there’s something for everyone!

The Porridge Company

Delicious porridge with no added sugar. Feel good and do good, as you support social welfare programs with your purchase.

Cupcakes Squared

Get squared away with “Square Meals” from Cupcakes Squared. Vegetarian ‘shepherdess pie,’ quiche, veggie loaf and more. Plus, grab a cookie or signature square cupcake to ’round’ out the meal!


Healthy and flavorful granola/nut mixes, and dried fruit snacks. Try a sweet apple/strawberry combo, or grab a few and make your own blend at home!

Nut Crumbs

Flavorful gluten-free nut crumbs. Enjoy these bread crumb alternatives in your favorite preparation!


Try this refreshing change from beer, wine, and spirits. Boochcraft alcoholic kombucha is available in a variety of fruit & spice infused flavors. 21+ to purchase, on-site consumption is prohibited.